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Small Illuminated LED Tact Switches With Cap[TS16-00EWR]

Product Description

The TS16 Series features a contact that provides crisp tactile feedback to positively indicate circuit transfer and to assure high reliability and long life of up to 100,000 operations. The advanced design employs insert-moulded terminals to lock out flux, solvents and other contaminants used with automated soldering processes.The switches are available in many different single LED colors and bi-colour options that are independent from the switching function.

l This illuminated pushbutton switch offers one or two poles, full LED illumination, and a vertical through hole mount.

l Illuminated Tact Switch can be carved various symbolon the cap

l 7mm x7mm Tact switch with multiple color Ring led, switch cap 4.65mm Diameter, 4.2mm highLed VF3.3V


These push button switch red green illuminated led are ideal for a broad range of applications including server/storage, consumer electronics, audio/video,medical devices, test/measurement/instrumentation, computers and peripherals, appliances, security and network infrastructure.