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Right Angle Illuminated Green LED Tact Switches

Right Angle Illuminated Tact Switches,Green LEDTact Switches,Tact Switch

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Right Angle Illuminated Green LED Tact Switches[TS17]


Rating: DC 12V 50mA

Total Travel: 0.25+/-0.1mm

Terminal: Right angle

Tactile Switch Size:7*7*7mm

Size: 7.5*7.5mm Square frame

Product Type: Tact Switch

Function: Momentary

LED Color:Red/Blue/Green/White/Orange/Bi-color

Cap:Square or round

Right Angle type switch feature:

TS17 series illuminated tact switch comes with high, bright LEDs that are able to meet customization requirements. With its reduced space usage on board – and excellent ergonomics – the TS17 is perfect for network infrastructure, automotive and medical applications.