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Rucoe Electronics is a leading manufacturer of illuminated switches which was established in 2013,our office is located in Shenzhen, and our factory in Dongguan which names Dongguan FVWIN Electronics Co.,Ltd. We provides high quality, high precision switches.with Innovative, Good quality management philosophy, strive hard to improve product design, tooling, injection molding technology;We specialise in exclusively ma...
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What's the difference of the DC socket and AC socket? 2023-05-22

What's the difference of the DC socket a

A socket is a point where an electric power supply is installed to connect an appliance or device to an electric power source. There are two

6 Pin Mini Self-locking Push Button Switch Features 2023-05-15

6 Pin Mini Self-locking Push Button Swit

Mini self-locking push button switches are affordable and easy to use switches that can be installed in a range of electronic devices.

What is DC Socket 2023-05-10

What is DC Socket

DC Socket is a brand of DC Power Jack Connectors that offers a range of high-quality connectors for electronic devices