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Rucoe Electronics is a leading manufacturer of illuminated switches which was established in 2013,our office is located in Shenzhen, and our factory in Dongguan which names Dongguan FVWIN Electronics Co.,Ltd. We provides high quality, high precision switches.with Innovative, Good quality management philosophy, strive hard to improve product design, tooling, injection molding technology;

We specialise in exclusively manufacturing tactile switches, push button switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, micro switches,sockets and connectors as well as hardware punching and plastic injection. 


We have horizontal injection molding machine,punching machine,vertical milling machine,life tester,insulation resistance tester,salt spray tester,load curve meter,laser engraving machine.

Cooperative customers

Our clients covers from Africa, Europe and America, most of clients are the pro AV system and security device industries.our high quality switches gets good admiration from them

Rucoe meets its customers' highest demands through certified quality, environmental and safety management systems;we also offer OEM and ODM etc strategic customized service.



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