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12MM Red Self-Reset Waterproof Push Button Switch

This is the PB15 series 12mm round push button switch with waterproof function, the actuator button is flat top and round shape, and the button color is available with red, green, black, yellow, white options, the base is thread,Waterproof Push Button RED with M12 thread, washer and nut for panel mounting. It offers the metal nut and waterproof gasket for mounting when you order it; the PB15 series is a pushbutton switch that can be equipped with a rubber cover for water-proofing purposes,  high quality push buttons with a positive press suitable for many applications including steering wheels switch plates.

The PB15 series red push button switch with led and without led options, the two types is different with the terminal numbers,

It has a rating of 1A 250VAC and a maximum contact resistance of 100mOhm. The waterproof push button switch is OFF-(ON) function, OFF-momentary ON and it has an electrical life of >= 10,000 cycles. The operating temperature range for this switch is -25C~+85C and it has a dielectric strength of 500VAC for 1 minute. Additionally, it has a minimum insulation resistance of 100mOhm (500VDC). The PB15 series push button switch is available for OEM or ODM customization.PB15-00MAXX.jpg


· 1A 250VAC rating· OFF-(ON) function, OFF-momentary ON
· Maximum contact resistance of 100mOhm· Electrical life of >= 10,000 cycles
· Operating temperature range of -25C~+85C· Dielectric strength of 500VAC for 1 minute
· Minimum insulation resistance of 100mOhm (500VDC)· Available for OEM or ODM customization


1. uneasy to malfunction

2. Mounting Hole: 12mm

3. Head diameter: 17.5mm

4. Switch rating: 200mA/250VAC

5. Switch Form: SPST

6. Contact resistance: 20MΩ

7. Wire length: 20 cm (cut, stripped, tinned one end)

8. Locknut and washer supplied.

9. Actuator Color: Red

10.Pushbutton switch with rubber cover for water-proofing



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