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What's Mini Toggle Switch 2-pole ON/ON

A mini toggle switch with a 2-pole ON/ON configuration is a type of toggle switch that features two independent poles, and each pole has two ON positions. Here's a breakdown of its key characteristics:


1.Pole Configuration:"2-pole" indicates that there are two separate circuits (poles) within the switch. Each pole operates independently.

2.ON/ON Functionality:The "ON/ON" designation means that each pole of the switch has two ON positions. This implies that there are two positions where the circuit is closed (ON) for each pole.

3.Toggle Action:The switch is typically actuated by a toggle lever that can be flipped between the two ON positions. The toggle action allows users to easily switch between the two states.

4.Common Uses:Mini toggle switches with a 2-pole ON/ON configuration are commonly used in electronic circuits where there is a need to alternate between two different states or modes. This can include audio equipment, electronic devices, or control panels.

5.Example Applications:Audio Equipment: These switches may be used for selecting between two different inputs or modes.

6.Lighting Control: They can be used to switch between two lighting modes or settings.Electronic Devices: In certain electronic gadgets, these switches might control different operating modes.

7.Wiring:Each pole has three terminals: common (COM), and two ON positions (ON1 and ON2). The common terminal connects to the circuit, and toggling the switch changes the connection between ON1 and ON2.

8.Compact Size:"Mini" indicates that the switch is of a smaller size compared to standard toggle switches, making it suitable for applications with limited space.

9.Durability:Like other toggle switches, mini toggle switches are generally designed to be durable and able to withstand repeated use.

When incorporating a mini toggle switch with a 2-pole ON/ON configuration into a circuit, it's crucial to refer to the switch's datasheet for specific details regarding pin configuration, electrical ratings, and proper wiring. This ensures correct integration and adherence to the switch's specifications.



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