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What is a DC out jack?

A DC out jack is a connector on a device that supplies direct current (DC) power to external devices or accessories. This output jack allows the main device to provide power, typically from its internal power supply, to other components, thereby eliminating the need for multiple power sources. Here’s a detailed overview of DC out jacks:

Functions and Applications:

1. Power Supply:

    • Primary Function: The main function of a DC out jack is to deliver DC power to external devices. This is particularly useful in setups where multiple devices need to be powered without using separate power adapters for each one.

    • Common Applications: Used in audio equipment, musical instruments, cameras, routers, and other electronics that may require powering additional components like external microphones, effect pedals, or auxiliary devices.

  1. Voltage and Current Specifications:

    • Voltage: The voltage provided by a DC out jack can vary depending on the device but typically ranges from 5V to 24V. The exact voltage is determined by the power requirements of the connected accessory.

    • Current: The current capacity of the jack is also crucial and is specified by the manufacturer. It must be sufficient to power the connected devices without overloading the power supply.

  2. Physical Characteristics:

    • Connector Type: DC out jacks typically use barrel connectors (also known as coaxial power connectors), with sizes matching standard DC power plugs, such as 5.5mm x 2.1mm or 5.5mm x 2.5mm.

    • Polarity: The polarity of the DC out jack is essential. Most have a positive center pin, but this should always be verified to prevent damage to connected devices.

  3. Integration:

    • Convenience: By providing a DC out jack, manufacturers can simplify the power management of complex systems, reducing the number of required power adapters and cables.

    • Design Considerations: When designing systems with DC out jacks, ensuring the total power draw does not exceed the capacity of the main device’s power supply is crucial.


A DC out jack is a versatile and convenient feature that supplies DC power to external devices. It’s commonly used in various electronic devices to streamline power management and reduce clutter. Understanding the voltage, current ratings, and polarity is essential for safe and effective use.



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