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Introduction for the illuminated led tact switch

a versatile and innovative component designed to enhance user interfaces across a wide range of applications. This illuminated led tact switch combines tactile feedback, visual indication, and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for consumer electronics, industrial controls, automotive interfaces, and medical devices.

illuminated led tact switch

Key Features

1. Tactile Feedback:

Our illuminated LED tact switch delivers a crisp, tactile response when pressed. The internal mechanism provides a noticeable click or snap, ensuring users receive immediate, physical confirmation of actuation. This feature enhances user experience by allowing for intuitive operation without the need for visual confirmation.

2. Illumination:

The switch features an integrated LED that provides backlighting. Available in multiple colors, the LED illuminates through the cap or around its edges, making the switch visible in low-light conditions. This illumination can also serve as an indicator of the device's status, such as power on/off or mode selection, adding a layer of functional feedback.

3. Aesthetic and Functional Design:

Designed with a sleek and modern appearance, the switch fits seamlessly into a variety of design aesthetics. The cap, available in various colors including black, ensures that the light is focused and does not leak, providing clear and concise visual signals.

4. High Reliability and Durability:

Constructed with high-quality materials, our tact switches are built to withstand extensive use. They offer a long operational life, capable of enduring millions of actuations, ensuring longevity and reliability in your applications.

5.Working Mechanism

Mechanical Operation:

1. When the switch is pressed, the cap compresses an internal dome or spring mechanism. This action brings the internal contacts together, closing the circuit and registering an input. The tactile feedback ensures the user is aware of the actuation.

2. Electrical Circuit:

The closing of the circuit allows current to flow, sending a signal to the connected device. This process is instantaneous, providing immediate response to user inputs.

3. LED Illumination:

Simultaneously, the integrated LED lights up, providing a visual signal. The illumination is designed to be clear and focused, ensuring that users can easily see the status of the switch even in dim environments.


  • Consumer Electronics: Ideal for remote controls, gaming consoles, and portable devices where user feedback and visibility are essential.

  • Industrial Controls: Perfect for machinery interfaces, providing clear tactile and visual feedback in demanding environments.

  • Automotive: Essential for dashboard controls and other in-car interfaces, ensuring easy operation without distraction.

  • Medical Devices: Critical for equipment requiring precise control and feedback, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.

Our illuminated LED tact switch is a high-performance, reliable component designed to enhance user experience through tactile and visual feedback. Its robust design and versatile application make it an excellent choice for improving the functionality and aesthetics of modern electronic devices. Whether you are designing for consumer electronics, industrial systems, automotive applications, or medical equipment, our switch offers the quality and reliability you need.



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