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What Is The Silicone Tact Switch

Silicone tactile switch is a type of electronic component used in various applications for its durability and reliability. It is a small, round or square-shaped switch made of silicone rubber and metal, designed to provide a tactile feedback to users when pressed.

Silicone tactile switch

The silicone tactile switch is widely used in industrial automation, medical devices, consumer electronics, and automotive applications for its excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It is also popular in gaming keyboards, remote controls, and other devices where user interaction is critical.


A silicone tactile switch consists of two main components: a conductive rubber dome and a metal dome assembly. The conductive rubber dome is made of silicone rubber, or other conductive materials, and fits over the metal dome assembly.

The metal dome assembly is made of nickel-plated, stainless steel or phosphorous bronze, and shapes into a particular configuration. It is designed to provide a tactile feel and electrical contact when pressed.

Working Principle

When you press the silicone tactile switch, the conductive rubber dome contacts the metal dome assembly, completing an electrical circuit. The tactile feedback comes from the deformation of the conductive rubber dome when pressed, producing a "click" sound or tactile feedback. The metal dome acts both as a tactile feedback source and an electrical contact point.

Applications of Silicone Tactile Switch

Silicone tactile switches are used in a range of applications, including remote controllers, automotive, medical, and industrial control systems. In medical applications, silicone tactile switches are used for their non-toxic properties, making them ideal for devices like medical monitors and heart monitors.

The automotive industry uses silicone tactile switches in applications requiring a durable and reliable switch, such as dashboard controls, power windows, and door locks. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including temperature variations, pressure, and moisture.

In industrial automation, silicone tactile switches are used in applications where high sensitivity and reliability are required, such as robotic control systems, machine interlocks, and operator interface panels.

Advantages of Silicone Tactile Switch

1. Durability - Silicone tactile switches are durable and can withstand heavy use and harsh operating conditions.

2. Sensitivity - They are very sensitive and require only a slight press to activate.

3. Tactile feedback - They provide tactile feedback, which gives users feedback when they are pressing the button.

4. Non-toxic - They are non-toxic and can be used in medical applications.

5. Customization - They can be customized in shape, size, and graphic design to meet specific requirements.


Silicone tactile switches are essential electronic components used in various applications for their excellent mechanical and electrical properties. They are durable, sensitive, and provide tactile feedback, making them ideal for applications that require reliable operation and operator interface control. The silicone tactile switch is a robust and versatile switch that can be customized to meet specific application requirements.



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