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AC power socket C14 type

Panel Mount Plug Adapter Iron Core Power Connector 3Pin Inlet Power Plug


The C14 type AC power socket is a vital component in the world of electrical engineering and in our everyday lives. This type of socket is commonly used for connecting electronic devices to an AC power source, and is characterized by its rectangular shape with three pins in a corner arrangement. It has become increasingly important in modern times, as the number of electronic devices on the market continues to grow.

One of the many benefits of the C14 socket is its durability. Due to its robust design and construction, it can withstand years of constant use. The pins are not easily damaged or bent out of shape, which makes it a reliable option for devices that require stable power connections. The C14 socket is also designed to ensure that it is safe to use, with all live parts properly insulated to prevent accidental electrocution.

Another advantage of this socket is its versatility. The 3-pin arrangement allows for easy connection and disconnection of devices, and can handle a variety of voltage and current levels. This makes it perfectly suited for use in electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and gaming consoles, among others.

● Contact Rating:10A/250V~ , 15A/125V~

● Housing Material:PC

● Housing Color:Black or by request

● Packaging Type:Bag

● EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU:RoHS and Halogen-Free Component

● Designed To Meet IEC60320-1 C14 Standards.