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AC Outlet Socket

An AC power supply socket is a device that provides electrical power to electronic devices or appliances


An electrical outlet, commonly known as a socket, is an important component of an electrical system. It is the point where electrical devices are plugged into the electrical supply to generate electricity. Amongst the different types of electrical sockets that are available, the AC outlet socket is the most common. AC stands for Alternating Current, which is the most widely used form of electrical current.

The AC outlet socket consists of different components which include the metal base plate, the plastic insulation, the socket contacts and the ground connector. The base plate is the main support structure of the socket while the plastic insulation protects the electrical contacts from dust and moisture. The socket contacts are made of brass or bronze and are designed to hold the prongs of a plug while the ground connector is designed to provide a safe path for electrical current to flow in case of a short circuit or fault.

The AC outlet socket is connected to an electrical supply that generates alternating current. AC means that the electrical current supplied to the socket alternates between positive and negative values with a certain frequency, typically measured in Hertz (Hz). In the United States and Canada, the frequency of the AC supply is typically 60Hz. The AC outlet socket is designed to handle a specific voltage and amperage rating, depending on the electrical load that is to be plugged into it. The voltage rating of an AC outlet socket in the United States and Canada is typically 120V.

The AC outlet socket has different types and configurations such as the duplex outlet which consists of two sockets and the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet which interrupts the electrical current flow in case of a short circuit or a ground fault. Additionally, outlets can vary in shape and size, such as twist-lock, which is common in industrial and commercial settings.

In conclusion, the AC outlet socket is a fundamental part of an electrical system. It is critical to ensure that it is properly installed, grounded, and rated for the appropriate workload. This ensures the safety of both the electrical components and the users of the electrical devices connected to it.




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