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Hot-swap Switch Sockets

The hot swappable sockets are surface-mounted on the bottom of circuit boards, specifically designed to have sockets


The hot swappable sockets are surface-mounted on the bottom of circuit boards, specifically designed to have sockets. Hot swap PCB sockets. Replace your worn ones or use them for a DIY project;A hot-swappable keyboard allows you to change the switches by only using a switch puller, so you just pull out the switches and plug in other ones; that's easy.

Some PCBs support hotswap sockets. They're an easy to install and affordable way to swap your switches as your like.


Technical specifications

1. Symmetric design, so no accidental mistake installation which might damage your switches, sockets or PCBs.

2. Supports most MX switches.

3. Rated for a long operating life of 100 cycles, meaning you can expect reliable operation until you've swapped out your switches three thousand times.

4. Rated for a voltage of 12V and a current of 10mA, making them suitable for use in keyboards.


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