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12mm Mounted Thread SPST Momentary Round Push Button Switch

The 125VAC 3A 12mm Mounted Thread SPST Momentary Round Cap Push Button Switch is an electromechanical switch designed for momentary operation, typically used in a wide range of electronic devices, control panels, and industrial equipment. This specific switch is characterized by its compact size, round cap design, and threaded mounting mechanism, offering easy installation and reliable performance in various applications.


Key Specifications:

  • Voltage Rating: The switch is rated for a maximum voltage of 125 volts AC (alternating current), making it suitable for use in standard electrical systems and devices operating within this voltage range.

  • Current Rating: With a current rating of 3 amps (A), the switch is capable of handling moderate electrical loads without risk of overheating or malfunction. This makes it suitable for controlling various electrical circuits and components.

  • Mounting Thread: The switch features a 12mm mounting thread, allowing it to be securely attached to a panel or enclosure without the need for additional hardware. The threaded mounting mechanism ensures stability and prevents the switch from becoming loose during operation.

  • SPST Configuration: The switch has a Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST) configuration, which means it has one set of contacts that are either open or closed depending on the switch's position. In this momentary switch, the contacts are closed only while the button is being pressed, returning to their open state when the button is released.

  • Momentary Operation: This push button switch is designed for momentary operation, meaning it only maintains its actuated state while the button is pressed. Once the button is released, the switch returns to its original state, making it suitable for applications requiring temporary or intermittent control.

  • Round Cap Design: The switch features a round cap design for the actuator button, providing a comfortable and intuitive interface for users to press. The round shape allows for easy identification and operation, particularly in applications where quick and precise input is required.


The 125VAC 3A 12mm Mounted Thread SPST Momentary Round Cap Push Button Switch finds widespread use in various industries and applications, including:

  1. Industrial Control Panels: Used to control machinery, equipment, and processes in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and production lines.

  2. Consumer Electronics: Integrated into electronic devices and appliances, including home automation systems, audio/video equipment, and gaming peripherals.

  3. Automotive Applications: Installed in automotive dashboard controls, interior accessories, and vehicle alarm systems to provide user input and control functions.

  4. Security Systems: Incorporated into access control panels, alarm systems, and surveillance equipment for arming/disarming, emergency response, and user authentication.

  5. Medical Devices: Utilized in medical equipment and devices, such as diagnostic instruments, patient monitoring systems, and therapeutic devices, for user input and control.


In summary, the 125VAC 3A 12mm Mounted Thread SPST Momentary Round Cap Push Button Switch offers a reliable and versatile solution for momentary control applications. Its compact size, threaded mounting mechanism, and round cap design make it suitable for a wide range of electronic, electrical, and industrial applications where temporary or intermittent operation is required.



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