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Mounting hole 12mm plastic thread push button

A mounting hole 12mm plastic thread push button is an electromechanical switch commonly used in various electronic devices and control panels. It is characterized by its compact size, durable plastic construction, and threaded mounting mechanism, making it easy to install and suitable for a wide range of applications.


Construction and Design:

The 12mm plastic thread push button switch is typically constructed with a plastic housing, actuator button, and internal electrical components. The plastic housing provides insulation and protection for the internal components while also offering a lightweight and cost-effective solution compared to metal counterparts.

The actuator button, usually made of plastic as well, is designed for easy operation by users. It may have different shapes, such as domed, flat, or concave, to provide tactile feedback and facilitate comfortable pressing.

One of the distinguishing features of this push button switch is its threaded mounting mechanism. The switch body is equipped with external threads, allowing it to be securely mounted onto a panel or enclosure with a corresponding threaded mounting hole. This design ensures stability and prevents the switch from becoming loose or dislodged during operation.

Key Features:

  1. Compact Size: The 12mm diameter of the push button switch makes it suitable for applications where space is limited. Its compact size allows for efficient use of panel space while still providing a large enough actuator surface for easy operation.

  2. Plastic Construction: The use of plastic materials for the housing and actuator button offers several advantages, including lightweight, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Plastic switches are also less prone to rust and oxidation compared to metal switches, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  3. Threaded Mounting: The threaded mounting mechanism simplifies the installation process, allowing the switch to be securely attached to a panel or enclosure without the need for additional hardware. This feature ensures stability and reliability, particularly in applications subjected to vibration or mechanical stress.

  4. Momentary or Latching Operation: The push button switch can be configured for either momentary or latching operation, depending on the application requirements. Momentary switches are typically used for temporary actions, while latching switches maintain their state until manually reset.

  5. Variety of Colors and Styles: These switches are available in a variety of colors for the actuator button, allowing for customization to match the aesthetic or functional requirements of the application. Additionally, different styles of actuator buttons, such as illuminated or non-illuminated, provide flexibility in design.


The mounting hole 12mm plastic thread push button switch is commonly used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Control panels for industrial machinery and equipment

  • Consumer electronics such as appliances and gaming peripherals

  • Automotive dashboard controls and interior accessories

  • Medical devices and equipment

  • Electrical enclosures and cabinets

In summary, the mounting hole 12mm plastic thread push button switch offers a compact, durable, and easy-to-install solution for various electronic and electrical applications. Its threaded mounting mechanism, plastic construction, and customizable features make it a versatile choice for designers and engineers seeking reliable user interface solutions.



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