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12mm Round Dome Push Button

Tactile response and robust design with the 12mm Round Dome Push Button. Engineered for reliability and ease of use, this push button offers a satisfying tactile feel and versatile applications. Let's explore the key features and potential applications of this round dome push button:

12mm dome push button switch

Key Features:

  1. The 12mm Round Dome Push Button is designed to provide a tactile response, giving users a distinct and satisfying feel when pressed.

  2. The round dome shape of the button contributes to its ergonomic design, making it comfortable for users to engage with.

  3. With a 12mm diameter, this push button strikes a balance between being compact enough for various applications while still providing enough surface area for comfortable pressing.

  4. Built with durability in mind, the push button is often constructed with materials that can withstand repeated use, ensuring a long operational life.

  5. The button is typically designed for momentary action, meaning it returns to its original state when released. This is suitable for applications where a temporary signal or action is required.

  6. The push button is designed for easy panel mounting, providing a secure and stable installation on control panels or devices.

  7. Available in a range of actuator colors, allowing customization for different applications or to match aesthetic preferences.

  8. Designed for straightforward integration into electronic devices, control panels, or machinery, contributing to the ease of use and assembly.


  1. Used in various electronic devices and appliances, such as audio equipment, home automation systems, and kitchen appliances.

  2. Applied in industrial control panels and machinery for functions like start/stop controls or as part of a larger control system.

  3. Integrated into automotive applications for functions like dashboard controls, interior lighting, or auxiliary controls.

  4. Found in consumer electronics like gaming peripherals, remote controls, and digital devices for user input.

  5. Utilized in medical equipment for user interface controls, ensuring a reliable and tactile response.

  6. Incorporated into electronic instrumentation and measurement devices for manual input or control adjustments.

  7. Popular among hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts for various electronic projects that require a tactile push button.

The 12mm Round Dome Push Button combines tactile satisfaction with durability, making it a versatile choice for applications across different industries



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