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PCB Mount Nickel DC Socket

DC power Socket Rated At 1.0A, 12.0 V, PCB Mount, length 14.5mm, Nickel

The information you provided describes a DC power socket with specific electrical and physical characteristics. Let's break down the details:


  • Current Rating (A): 1.0A

The DC socket is rated to handle a maximum current of 1.0 ampere. This specification indicates the amount of electrical current that the socket can safely carry.

  • Voltage Rating (V): 12.0V

The DC socket is designed to handle a maximum voltage of 12.0 volts. This specification indicates the maximum electrical potential that the socket can safely accommodate.

  • Mounting Type: PCB Mount

The socket is intended to be mounted directly onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This type of mounting facilitates direct integration into electronic circuits.

  • Length: 14.5mm

The overall length of the DC socket is 14.5mm. This measurement likely refers to the physical length of the socket, including the part that extends from the PCB.

  • Material: Nickel

The socket is made of nickel. Nickel is a common material used for plating or coating electrical components due to its corrosion resistance and conductivity.

In summary, this DC socket is designed for PCB mounting and has a current rating of 1.0A and a voltage rating of 12.0V. It is 14.5mm in length and has a nickel finish, which may provide enhanced durability and conductivity.When integrating such a DC socket into a circuit, it's crucial to adhere to the specified voltage and current ratings to ensure safe and reliable operation. Additionally, designers should follow the manufacturer's guidelines and datasheet for proper installation and usage. If you have a specific product or part number for this DC socket, consulting the manufacturer's documentation would provide detailed information on its specifications and recommended usage.



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