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DC Jack PCB 2.5mm

"DC Jack PCB 2.5mm" typically refers to a DC power jack with a 2.5mm center pin diameter that is designed for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounting. 

DC Jack Type: This is a type of electrical connector commonly known as a DC power jack or DC power connector. It is used for supplying direct current (DC) power to electronic devices.

PCB Mounting: The jack is designed to be mounted directly onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This PCB mounting feature allows for direct integration into electronic circuits.

Center Pin Diameter: The term "2.5mm" indicates the diameter of the center pin of the DC jack. This measurement is crucial for compatibility with the corresponding plug or connector that will be inserted into the jack.


DC jacks with a 2.5mm center pin diameter are commonly used in various electronic devices, including power supplies, audio equipment, and other devices that require a DC power input. They are often found in products like routers, modems, audio devices, and small electronic gadgets.

When using a DC jack of this type, it's important to consider the voltage and current ratings, as well as the polarity of the connector, to ensure proper compatibility with the power source and the device being powered. Additionally, adherence to the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines is essential for correct installation and reliable operation.

If you have a specific product or part number for the DC jack, referring to the manufacturer's datasheet or documentation would provide detailed information about its specifications and recommended usage.



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