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PCB Push Button Broadcast Switch

A PCB illuminated push button refers to a push button switch that is designed to be mounted directly onto a printed circuit board. These switches typically have terminals or leads that can be soldered onto the PCB for electrical connections.

Broadcast Switch: The term "broadcast switch" suggests a switch designed for applications related to broadcasting or communication systems. Broadcast switches are often used in audio/video equipment, control panels, or communication devices where the user needs to initiate or control broadcast functions.

Combining these terms, a "PCB Push Button Broadcast Switch" could be a push button switch specifically designed for PCB mounting and intended for use in broadcasting-related applications. Such a switch might have features tailored for broadcasting equipment, such as reliable momentary or latching operation, durability, and compatibility with PCB designs.

Our TS15 series and PB24 series are the led illuminated pushbutton switch for broadcasting panel control button, the illuminated push button switch offers multiple single and bi-color as well as RGB led, colorful illumination serves not only as a source of light but also as a means of providing visual feedback. This can be used for status indicators, user interface customization, or aesthetic purposes.



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