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SMT Illuminated Miniature Tact Switch

Illuminated surface-mount tactile switches offer a combination of tactile feedback and visual indication, making them versatile components for various electronic applications. The TS16-0000XA is an illuminated surface mount Tactile Switch features SPST-NO momentary action and multiple led color options, it has silver-plated brass gull-wing contact termnial,


The TS16-0000XA tactile switch is a SMT illuminated miniature tact switch has an electrical rating of 50mA 12VDC and a travel of 0.25 mm., this surface mount illuminated tact switch provides 4.5MM diameter round cap option, it offers 160gf and 250gf actuation force choices, the TS16 series SMD illuminated tact switch offers seven single led and various bicolor options, the TS16 series illuminated tactile switch is 6.7mm x 7.0mm with 7.2mm profile  in a surface mount design; Designed for surface mounting directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB), these switches eliminate the need for additional hardware or through-hole soldering. This compact design saves space and simplifies assembly in electronic devices and systems.

TS16-0000XA surface mounted illuminated tact switch features vertical and SMT models, ideal for a wide range of products – such as consumer electronics, medical devices, Test & Measurement, Video & Vision, Computers & Computer Peripherals, Communications & Networking and audio/video applications.


1. Vertical surface mounting

2. Multiple caps and legends 

3. Several LED colors and bi-color options 

4. RoHS compliant /compatible

5. 500000-cycle Operating lifespan

illuminated surface mount Tactile Switch



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