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What's the led tact switch?

A LED tact switch is a type of momentary push-button switch that includes a built-in Light Emitting Diode (LED). Tact switches are commonly used in electronic devices and appliances for user input, where a brief push of the button is required to make or break a connection. The addition of an LED in a tact switch provides visual feedback, indicating the switch's state or the activation of a specific function.

LED tact switch

Here are some key features of LED tact switches:

1. Momentary Action: Tact switches are typically designed for momentary action, meaning they are only active when the button is pressed. Once the pressure is released, the switch returns to its original state.

2. Tactile Feedback: Tact switches are often designed to provide tactile feedback, giving the user a physical sensation when the switch is actuated. This feedback helps users know that their input has been registered.

3. LED Indicator: The integrated LED in a tact switch is used to indicate various states, such as whether a device is powered on or off, the activation of a specific mode, or any other relevant status.

4. Surface Mount or Through-Hole: LED tact switches can be designed for surface-mount technology (SMT) or through-hole mounting, depending on the application and manufacturing requirements.

5. Various Colors: LED tact switches are available in different colors, allowing designers to choose indicators that match the overall aesthetics or convey specific information through color coding.

These switches find applications in various electronic devices, including consumer electronics, appliances, automotive systems, and industrial equipment, where a compact and reliable user interface with visual feedback is required.



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