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DC Female Power Jack

A DC female power jack is a type of electrical connector designed to receive a male plug and provide a connection for supplying direct current (DC) power. These jacks are commonly used in electronic devices and equipment to facilitate the input of power from an external power source, such as a DC power supply or a battery.

Key features of a DC female power jack include:


Gender: "Female" indicates that this connector is designed to receive a male plug. The male plug typically has a center pin that fits into the female jack's receptacle.

Connector Type: DC female power jacks come in various types and sizes. Common types include barrel jacks, where the male plug has a cylindrical shape that fits into the receptacle.

Center Pin Diameter: The size of the center pin (the central conductor) is a critical specification. Common sizes include 2.1mm and 2.5mm, but other sizes are also available.

Mounting: DC female power jacks are available in different mounting styles. Some are designed for through-hole mounting on a printed circuit board (PCB), while others may be panel-mounted or chassis-mounted.

Polarity: Some DC power jacks are polarized, meaning they have a specific polarity, and it's important to match them with the correct plug to ensure proper electrical connections.

Voltage and Current Ratings: The voltage and current ratings of the DC female power jack should match the requirements of the device or circuit where it is used. Exceeding these ratings can lead to electrical issues or damage.

These DC female power jacks are commonly found in a variety of electronic devices, including routers, modems, audio equipment, power adapters, and other electronic gadgets.

When selecting a DC female power jack, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of the application, including the voltage, current, and physical dimensions. Checking the datasheet or product specifications provided by the manufacturer is crucial to ensure proper compatibility and safe operation.



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