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The info of 2.0 Wafer connector

2.0 wafer connector refers to an electrical connector with a pitch or spacing of 2.0mm between adjacent contacts or terminals.

A wafer connector typically consists of a housing or base that holds a set of flat, thin, and parallel terminals or contacts known as wafers. Wafers are often arranged in a grid or row configuration within the housing.

2. 2.0mm Pitch:

The specification "2.0mm pitch" indicates the distance between the center of one terminal to the center of an adjacent terminal. In this case, it is 2.0mm, implying that the contacts are spaced 2.0mm apart.

Wafer connectors with a 2.0mm pitch are commonly used in various electronic devices and applications, including consumer electronics, computer peripherals, and other electronic equipment. These connectors provide a compact and standardized way to establish electrical connections on printed circuit boards (PCBs).



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