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The classification of the metal push button switch

Metal push button switches can be classified based on various characteristics such as their operation, contact configuration, mounting style, and more. Here are some common classifications of metal push button switches:

1. Based on Operation:

Momentary: The switch is actuated only while the button is pressed. It returns to its original state when the force is released.

Latching: The switch maintains its state (either ON or OFF) after being pressed until it is pressed again to toggle to the opposite state.

2. Based on Contact Configuration:

Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST): One set of contacts opens or closes with each actuation.

Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT): One set of contacts can be switched between two different positions.

Double-Pole, Double-Throw (DPDT): Two sets of contacts that can be switched between two positions.

3. Based on Illumination:

Illuminated: The switch features built-in LED illumination for visual indication of the switch status.

Non-illuminated: The switch does not have built-in lighting.

4. Based on Mounting Style:

Panel Mount: Designed for installation on the surface of a panel or enclosure.

Through-Hole Mount: Designed to be mounted through a hole in the panel.

5. Based on Button Shape:

Flat Top: The button has a flat or flush top surface.

Raised Top: The button protrudes above the surface of the switch housing.

6. Based on Button Material:

Metal: The button is made of metal for durability and a rugged appearance.

Plastic: The button is made of plastic, which may be more lightweight.

7. Based on Protection Rating:

IP-rated: Some metal push button switches are designed to meet specific Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, indicating their resistance to dust and water.

8. Based on Voltage and Current Ratings:

Low Voltage: Designed for low-voltage applications.

High Voltage: Designed for high-voltage applications.

9. Based on Actuator Type:

Flush Actuator: The actuator is level with the switch housing.

Extended Actuator: The actuator protrudes from the switch housing.

10. Based on Application:

Industrial Push Button Switches: Designed for use in industrial environments, often with higher durability and robustness.

Automotive Push Button Switches: Designed for use in automotive applications, adhering to specific automotive standards.



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