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The Types of Tact Switch

Tactile switches, also known as tact switches, are electromechanical switches that are typically used in control panels and electronic systems to provide tactile feedback when pressed or activated. These switches are usually small in size and are easy to incorporate into a variety of electronic devices. There are several different types of tactile switches available in the market, each suited for different types of applications. In this article, we will discuss the various types of tact switches available and their applications.

Tactile switches

1. Through-Hole Tactile Switches

Through-hole tactile switches are traditional tactile switches that use leads that are inserted through holes in a printed circuit board. This type of switch is usually used in applications that require more robust mechanical connections or where the switch needs to be soldered directly onto a PCB. Through-hole tactile switches are commonly used in automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications where reliability is essential. These switches are known for their long life and excellent tactile feedback.

2. Surface Mount Tactile Switches

Surface mount tactile switches are a more modern type of tact switch that solder directly to the surface of a printed circuit board. They offer easy installation and can be placed much closer together than through-hole switches, saving space on the PCB. Surface mount switches are usually used in small electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and other consumer electronics. They offer excellent durability and can withstand constant usage.

3. PCB Mount Tactile Switches

PCB mount tac switches are usually mounted directly onto the PCB, and they offer an easy and straightforward installation process. This type of switch is commonly used in situations where space is limited, and the switch is required for on/off applications. They are also popular in audio and video applications where compact and sturdy switches are required.

4. Panel Mount Tactile Switches

Panel mount tactile switches are usually mounted on a panel and are commonly used in control panels, computer keyboards, and various other applications. They are typically considered heavy-duty, and they come with versatile options in actuators, housing, and contact arrangement.

5. Sealed Tactile Switches

sealed tactile switches are designed to provide reliable and consistent performance even in challenging environmental conditions. They are designed to withstand exposure to dust, water, and other environmental factors, making them ideal for industrial, medical, and outdoor electronics applications;Sealed tactile switches come with added protection that ensures the switch is dust-tight and watertight. These switches are typically used in outdoor applications, where the switch is exposed to high humidity and moisture levels. Sealed tactile switches help prevent damage and increase the life of the switch.

6. Illuminated Tactile Switches

Illuminated tactile switches are used where visual feedback is needed, or the application requires low-light conditions. These switches come in a variety of backlighting or LED color options to meet specific application needs. Tactile switches can be both surface-mounted and designed for through-hole installation.

Knowing the different types of tactile switches and their respective functions is critical to selecting the right switch for an application. Considering the intended usage and environmental factors, choosing the right tact switch can make a significant impact on a product's durability and reliability.



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