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Video LED illuminated Push Button Switches

Video LED illuminated push button switches are a type of push button switch that includes an integrated LED (Light-Emitting Diode) for illumination. These switches are designed to provide visual feedback, enhance the user interface, and indicate the status of the switch or the associated device. 


Here are key features and characteristics of video LED illuminated push button switches: These switches are operated by pressing the button, and they are typically designed for momentary operation. The button returns to its original position when released.

The illuminated push button switches include an integrated LED, which emits light for visual indication. The LED can come in various colors, such as red, green, blue, or multicolor options.

Video LED illuminated push button switches may support different illumination modes, including steady illumination, flashing, or pulsating. The chosen mode can be application-specific or used to convey different statuses.The LED in the switch may have specific voltage requirements for proper operation. It's important to ensure compatibility with the intended circuit and power source.These switches may have different termination types, such as through-hole pins for soldering onto a circuit board.Video LED illuminated push button switches may be available in normally open (NO) .the video illuiminated push button is common applications include video equipment control panels, gaming consoles, audio equipment, and various consumer electronics where user interaction and visual feedback are important. Some illuminated button switches are customizable with different button colors, shapes, and markings, allowing manufacturers to tailor them to specific design requirements.The construction of these switches may be designed for durability and longevity, especially in applications where switches are frequently used.Video LED illuminated push button switches are often designed for PCB mounting, making them suitable for use in control panels and other user interfaces.



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