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SPST Momentary Red PCB Mount Tactile Switch

An SPST (Single-Pole, Single-Throw) momentary red PCB mount tactile switch is a type of switch commonly used in electronic applications where a momentary action is required. Our TS4 series is a PCB mount and normally open tactile switch, it rated at 10mA/35V DC, the actuator color is available with red, black, white and green, the actuator diameter is 8.0mm, the pin spacing is 5mm. The TS4 series SPST momentary red PCB mount tactile switch is suitable for keyboards, security systems, sequencer, remote controls, control panels, eurorackmodular as well as the electronics engineering applications.


1. SPST Configuration: SPST means Single-Pole, Single-Throw. In the context of a momentary tactile switch, it implies that the switch has a single set of contacts (pole) and only one position (throw). When the switch is pressed, it makes contact, but it returns to its original state when the pressure is released.

2. Momentary Action: The switch provides a momentary action, meaning it only changes its state while the actuator is being pressed. Once the pressure is released, the switch returns to its original state.

3. Color: The TS4 series momentary PCB mount tact switch is specified as "red," indicating the color of the actuator or the button on the switch. The red color is often used for visual identification or coding purposes.

4. PCB Mount: The ts4 series red pcb mount button switch is designed for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounting. It typically has through-hole pins that are soldered onto the PCB, providing a secure and stable connection.

5. Tactile Switch: Tactile switches are characterized by providing tactile feedback, which is a noticeable and distinct physical sensation or click when the switch actuates. This feedback helps the user know that the switch has been activated; it 's also called as push button.

6. Rating: The switch will have specific electrical ratings, including voltage and current ratings. It's important to ensure that these ratings match the requirements of the application.

7. Dimensions: The TS4 series tactile switch will have specific dimensions, including the size of the actuator/button and the spacing of the pins for PCB mounting. These dimensions are crucial for proper integration into the electronic circuit.



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