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DPDT Slide Switch

A surface mount (SMD) mini DPDT (double-pole double-throw) slide switch is a type of switch that can be mounted directly onto a circuit board.


A surface mount (SMD) mini DPDT (double-pole double-throw) slide switch is a type of switch that can be mounted directly onto a circuit board. It has six pins that can be soldered onto the board to secure the switch in place and provide electrical connections.

The DPDT configuration means that it has two poles and each of these poles has two throws. A pole is a group of pins that are connected to one another, and a throw is a connection that can be switched between two positions. So in this case, there are two poles and each pole can switch between two possible positions.

The mini size of this switch is useful for applications where space is limited. It can be used to switch between two circuits or to reverse the polarity of a circuit. For example, it could be used in a robotics project to control the direction of a motor or in a lighting project to switch between different modes or colors.

When selecting an SMD mini DPDT slide switch, it is important to consider the current rating and voltage rating of the switch. The current rating determines how much current can be safely passed through the switch without damaging it, and the voltage rating determines the maximum voltage that can be applied across the switch.

Overall, an SMD mini DPDT slide switch is a versatile and compact switch that can be used in a variety of electronic projects. Its ability to switch between two circuits or reverse the polarity of a circuit makes it a useful component in many applications.




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