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Illuminated Tact Button With High Cap

The PCB Tactile Switch is a versatile switch that provides tactile feedback and visual indication of its state.


An illuminated tact button with high capacitance is an advanced electronic component designed to provide tactile feedback, visual indication, and enhanced electrical performance in various applications. These switches are particularly valuable in devices where user interaction and status indication are crucial, such as consumer electronics, industrial controls, automotive dashboards, and medical equipment.

1. These buttons deliver a distinct click or snap when pressed, ensuring the user receives physical confirmation of actuation. This feedback is vital for intuitive and reliable operation in user interfaces.

2. Integrated LEDs within the switch provide backlighting, available in multiple colors. This illumination helps users locate and operate the switch in low-light conditions and can serve as an indicator of the device's status (e.g., power on/off, mode selection).

3. The term "high capacitance" in this context often refers to the switch's capability to handle higher capacitance in the circuit, which aids in reducing noise and debounce issues. This ensures more stable and reliable switch operation.

Illuminated tact buttons with high capacitance are versatile and reliable components that enhance user interfaces by combining tactile and visual feedback with robust electrical performance. Their application across various industries underscores their importance in modern electronic design.

                                         Model                   TS8-00TWR
                                         Product Item                   Illuminated LED Tact Switch
                                         Switch Size                   6.0*6.0*7.0mm
                                         LED Options                   White/ Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/ bi-color
                                         Actuation Force                   250gf
                                         Function                   Momentary
                                         Terminal Style
                   Through Hole
                   T/T 100% in advance
                   15-20 workdays
                                         Shippment                   DHL/ FedEx /UPS




Tactile switches, button switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, microswitches, sockets and connectors, as well as hardware stamping and plastic injection.