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Tactile Tact Push Button Switch

The 6x6mm right angle tact switch is so named because it has a square shape with dimensions of 6mm on each side


A tactile switch, also known as a tact switch or momentary push button, is a type of switch that is commonly used in electronic devices. This type of switch is typically characterized by a small size, a short travel distance, and a tactile feedback mechanism that produces a distinct "click" when pressed. One common variant of the tactile switch is the 6x6mm right angle tact switch, which is widely used in a variety of electronic applications.

The 6x6mm right angle tact switch is so named because it has a square shape with dimensions of 6mm on each side. The "right angle" part of the name refers to the fact that the switch has two leads that are oriented at a right angle to each other. This configuration allows for easy mounting on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic assemblies.

One of the key advantages of the 6x6mm right angle tact switch is its compact size. This makes it ideal for use in space-constrained applications where a larger switch might not fit. In addition, the short travel distance and tactile feedback mechanism make it easy for users to tell when they have successfully actuated the switch. This can be especially important in applications where precise control is required, such as in gaming controllers or musical instruments.

                                         Model                   SH-06D-01-2.5H
                                         Product Item                   Tact Switch
                                         Switch Size                   6*6*6mm
                                         Terminal no                   Two
                                         Actuation Force                   250gf
                                         Function                   Momentary
                                         Terminal Style
                   T/T 100% in advance
                   15-20 workdays
                                         Shippment                   DHL/ FedEx /UPS




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Applications of SMT Button Switch

The SMT button switch with a size of 4.2mm x 3.2mm finds its application in various electronic products, including:

1. Audio/Video equipment: The SMT button switch is used in audio/video equipment to control the volume, change channels, and power on/off.

2. Computer peripherals: The SMT button switch is used in keyboards, mice, and other computer peripherals to provide input commands.

3. Household appliances: The SMT button switch is used in household appliances such as washing machines, microwave ovens, and refrigerators to control various functions.


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