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6x6mm Right Angle Illuminated Tact Button Intro

A 6x6mm right angle illuminated tact button is a type of switch designed for use in electronic devices. These switches are commonly found on circuit boards in applications where a user needs to input a command or start a process, such as in remote controls, keyboards, and industrial equipment. The 6x6mm right angle illuminated tact button is a compact switch that can easily fit into small spaces, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.


Introduction to Tact Switches

Tact switches, also known as tactile switches, are a type of switch that is designed to provide tactile feedback to the user when activated. These switches have a simple mechanism that consists of a spring-loaded plunger attached to a contact that is used to make or break an electrical circuit. Tact switches are widely used in electronic devices due to their reliability and ease of use.

Tact switches are commonly used in electronic devices where repetitive input is required, such as in remote controls, keyboards, and gaming consoles. They are also used in industrial applications where they can handle vast input/output cycles without failing.

Introduction to Illuminated Tact Buttons

Illuminated tact buttons are a type of switch that incorporates an LED light source into the switch. This allows the switch to be illuminated, making it easier to see in low-light conditions or when working with equipment that is difficult to access. The LED light in an illuminated tact button can be either a bi-color or RGB LED, allowing for multiple colors or a change in colors, depending on the application. This feature permits a more dynamic and customizable appearance that gives the device an upgraded look.

Introduction to Right Angle Tact Buttons

Right angle tact buttons are a style of switch that has the contacts arranged at a right angle to the plunger. This design makes it easier to place the switch on a circuit board, where space is often limited. Right angle tact buttons have a specific orientation required for the placement of the switch. This orientation helps avoid injury to the LEDs cause by physically touching the plunger of the switch.

Introduction to 6x6mm Right Angle Illuminated Tact Buttons

A 6x6mm right angle illuminated tact button is a commonly used switch due to its compact size and durability of the switch. It is built to be able to withstand regular use and rough handling.

The 6x6mm dimensions refer to the size of the switch. This size typically accommodates a typical placement of 50-mil pitch of circuit boards. The right angle contacts allow easier placement of the switch on the board while the illuminated LED light makes the switch visible and user-friendly.

The RGB LED light in the switch allows it to light up in three colors, which can be customized according to the user's preference. This RGB feature allows for more customization, making it an ideal switch for illuminated displays in automotive applications, gaming devices, and other electronic entertainment devices.


A 6x6mm right angle illuminated tact button is an excellent switch for use in a wide range of electronic devices due to its compact design and the capability to lighting up in three colors. Additionally, it has an easy mechanism to use and can handle multiple inputs and outputs without failure. The switch is durable, and its RGB illumination feature makes it a top choice for a wide range of applications from gaming devices, automotive applications, to industrial equipment, using illuminated displays. The right angle contacts make it easy to be mounted on circuit boards with minimal disruptions. With its numerous benefits, it is clear why the 6x6mm right angle illuminated tact button continues to be a go-to switch in the electronics industry.



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