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TS4 SPST Momentary Key Switches

The TS4 Series SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) Momentary Key Switches are vital components in modular synthesizers, particularly in renowned modules like the Music Thing Modular Radio Music and Chord Organ. These switches offer exceptional reliability, tactile feedback, and precise control, making them an indispensable choice for synthesizer builders and musicians.


Specifications and Features

  • Type: SPST (Single Pole Single Throw)

  • Action: Momentary – the switch is only in the ON state while being pressed and returns to OFF when released.

  • Configuration: OFF – (ON) – it remains in the OFF position until pressed, momentarily switching to ON.

  • Mounting Style: Through-hole, ensuring secure and durable placement on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

  • Actuation Force: Typically in the range of 160gf to 260gf, providing a firm and responsive tactile feel.

  • Dimensions: Compact and designed to fit in tight spaces, characteristic of modular synthesizer panels.

  • Material: Constructed with durable materials, often featuring a black round actuator for a sleek and professional appearance.

  • Operating Life: High durability, with a lifespan ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 cycles, ensuring long-term reliability.

Role in Modular Synthesizers

Music Thing Modular Radio Music

The Radio Music module simulates a radio tuner, playing back audio samples from a microSD card. The TS4 momentary key switches play a crucial role in its functionality:

  • Sample Navigation: Users can press the TS4 tact switch to cycle through different audio samples, much like tuning a radio to different stations.

  • Playback Control: Momentary engagement of the switch can trigger specific playback modes, such as looping or random selection, providing versatile audio manipulation.

  • Parameter Adjustment: The switch allows for on-the-fly adjustments to playback parameters, giving users dynamic control over the sound output.

Music Thing Modular Chord Organ

The Chord Organ module generates programmable chords, providing a wide range of harmonic possibilities. The TS4 momentary switches enhance its usability:

  • Chord Selection: Instant chord changes are facilitated by the TS4 switch, allowing for smooth transitions during live performances or recording sessions.

  • Function Activation: The switches can temporarily activate harmonic or modulation functions, adding depth and expressiveness to the musical output.

  • Programming Interface: The TS4 switches are used to enter and navigate programming modes, enabling customization of chord sequences and module settings.


  • Reliability: The TS4 Series switches are renowned for their consistent performance, crucial for both live and studio settings where dependability is paramount.

  • Tactile Feedback: These switches provide clear, responsive tactile feedback, ensuring users can confidently interact with their synthesizer without needing visual confirmation.

  • Compact Design: Their small footprint allows for easy integration into densely populated synthesizer panels, maximizing space efficiency.

  • User-Friendly: The momentary action of the switch offers quick and precise control, essential for real-time performance adjustments.

Applications Beyond Music Thing Modular

While the TS4 Series switches are prominently featured in Music Thing Modular’s Radio Music and Chord Organ modules, their utility extends to a wide array of electronic applications, including:

  • Other Synthesizers and Audio Equipment: Used for triggering, mode switching, and parameter adjustments in various electronic instruments and effects units.

  • Consumer Electronics: Found in remote controls, game controllers, and other devices requiring reliable momentary switches.

  • Industrial Controls: Utilized in machinery and equipment where precise and reliable momentary switches are necessary for control interfaces.

The TS4 Series SPST Momentary Key Switches are essential for modular synthesizers, providing robust, responsive, and intuitive control. Their implementation in the Music Thing Modular Radio Music and Chord Organ modules highlights their capability to enhance user interaction and musical expression. With a durable construction, reliable performance, and excellent tactile feedback, the TS4 switches are a preferred choice for synthesizer enthusiasts and professionals seeking precise control and long-term reliability.



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