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Housing wafer terminal 1.25mm

The term "housing wafer terminal 1.25mm" typically refers to a type of electrical connector component used in electronics and electrical applications. Let's break down the key components of this description:

1. Housing:

The "housing" refers to the outer shell or enclosure that contains and provides mechanical support for the connector components. It helps in aligning and securing the individual terminals or contacts within the connector.

2. Wafer Terminal:

The term "wafer terminal" usually refers to a type of electrical terminal or contact. Wafers are flat, thin pieces typically found in connectors with multiple contacts. These terminals are often arranged in a grid or row configuration within the housing.

3. 1.25mm:

The specification "1.25mm" indicates the pitch or spacing between adjacent terminals or contacts on the wafer. In this context, it signifies that the distance between the centers of two neighboring terminals is 1.25mm.

In summary, a "housing wafer terminal 1.25mm" likely describes a connector system that consists of a housing, wafer terminals arranged with a pitch of 1.25mm, and possibly other components for creating electrical connections in a compact and organized manner. Such connectors are commonly used in various electronic devices and applications, including computers, communication devices, and other electronic equipment.



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