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2 Position Rocker Switch

A 15x10mm rocker switch is a type of rocker switch that measures 15mm in length and 10mm in width


A rocker switch is a type of switch that is commonly used in various electronic devices, machines, and appliances. It is also known as a rocker switch, a lever switch, or a snap switch. This type of switch works by connecting or disconnecting a circuit by flipping a lever or rocker that is attached to the switch.

A 15x10mm rocker switch is a type of rocker switch that measures 15mm in length and 10mm in width. It is a small switch that is commonly used in small electronic devices or appliances. A 15x10mm rocker switch has a simple design that is easy to operate. It usually has two positions, ON and OFF, and can be used to control the power supply of a device.

The housing of a 15x10mm rocker switch is usually made of plastic or metal. The plastic housing is lightweight and easy to mold, but it may not be as durable as a metal housing. The metal housing is more durable and can withstand more wear and tear, but it may be heavier and more expensive.

A 15x10mm rocker switch has a simple mechanism that is easy to understand. It consists of a lever, a contactor, and two terminals. When the lever is flipped in one direction, it connects the contactor to one of the terminals, completing the circuit and allowing the current to flow. When the lever is flipped in the other direction, it disconnects the contactor from the terminal, breaking the circuit and cutting off the power supply.

                                         Model                   SS21-BBWWH-S6-R
                                         Product Item                   Toggle Switch
                                         Switch Function                   ON-OFF
                                         Stem Options                   Red/Blue/Black/Brown
                                         Type                   Tactile
                                         Function                   Momentary
                   0.1A 12VDC
                   T/T 100% in advance
                   15-20 workdays
                                         Shippment                   DHL/ FedEx /UPS




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