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2.0mm Vertical Connector Wafer

the 1.25mm wafer SMT connector offers a compact, reliable, and high-density interconnect solution for a wide range of electronic devices and applications, where space-saving and efficient assembly are paramount considerations.


The term "2.0mm" in the connector's name refers to its pitch, which denotes the distance between the centers of adjacent contacts. With a pitch of 2.0mm, this connector offers ample spacing for robust electrical connections while maintaining a compact footprint. This pitch size strikes a balance between space efficiency and ease of assembly, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including those requiring higher power handling capabilities.

Power Handling Capacity:One of the defining features of the 2.0mm wafer connector is its ability to handle higher power loads compared to connectors with smaller pitches. The larger contact size and spacing allow for efficient power transmission, making these connectors ideal for applications requiring higher current-carrying capacity. This makes them suitable for power distribution, motor control, and other high-power applications in industries such as automotive, industrial automation, and renewable energy.