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Housing Wafer Terminal 1.25mm

the 1.25mm wafer SMT connector offers a compact, reliable, and high-density interconnect solution for a wide range of electronic devices and applications, where space-saving and efficient assembly are paramount considerations.


The "Housing Wafer Terminal 1.25mm" refers to a type of electrical connector system commonly used in electronics manufacturing. Let's break down each component:

  1. Housing: The housing is the outer shell or body of the connector. It typically provides mechanical support and protection for the internal components, such as terminals or pins, and helps to ensure proper alignment and mating with other connectors. The housing may be made of plastic or other materials and is designed to withstand environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and mechanical stress.

  2. Wafer: The term "wafer" refers to a thin, flat piece of material. In the context of electrical connectors, a wafer typically refers to a connector housing that contains multiple terminals or contacts arranged in a specific configuration. Wafers are commonly used in connector systems to facilitate the connection of multiple wires or cables.

  3. Terminal: Terminals, also known as pins or contacts, are the metal components within the connector that establish electrical connections with mating connectors or other components. In this context, the terminals have a pitch of 1.25mm, meaning the distance between the center of one terminal to the center of the next terminal is 1.25mm.

Combining these components, a "Housing Wafer Terminal 1.25mm" describes an electrical connector system with the following features:

  • The connector has a housing that provides mechanical support and protection.

  • The housing contains a wafer configuration, meaning it accommodates multiple terminals or contacts.

  • The terminals are spaced at a pitch of 1.25mm, allowing for high-density interconnections.

  • This connector system is commonly used in applications where compact size, high-density packaging, and reliable electrical connections are required, such as in consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial equipment, and more.

Overall, the "Housing Wafer Terminal 1.25mm" connector offers a versatile solution for various electronic interconnect requirements, providing a balance of compact design, high performance, and ease of assembly.


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