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Illuminated Rocker Switch

An illuminated rocker switch is a power switch that has a built-in light mechanism


An illuminated rocker switch is a power switch that has a built-in light mechanism. This switch is commonly used in various electronic devices, appliances, and automotive applications. The switch’s light indicates the switch’s position either on or off. The light on this switch could be LED or incandescent bulb, and they are available in different colors, making them suitablefor specific applications. Some of the mostpredominantcolors for illuminated rocker switches include green, red, blue, yellow, and white.

An illuminated rocker switch consists of three pins. The first pin is the power pin, which is used to supply power to the switch. The second pin is the ground pin, which is used to connect the switch to the ground. Lastly, there’s the output pin that is used to control the device’s on or off function.

The switch’s design, along with its light mechanism, makes it a popular choice in automotive applications. The switch can withstand high levels of electrical and mechanical stress, making it ideal for use in vehicles. For instance, it can be used in dashboards as light switches, to activate or deactivate a particular feature, or even to switch off adjacent lights or accessories.

The illuminated rocker switch with three pins comes in various sizes, depending on where it will be installed, the voltage required for the device, and the current that will pass through it. When choosing this switch, the most vital factor to consider is its current rating. The current rating of the switch should match the current requirements of the device to ensure that it works efficiently and safely.

In conclusion, the illuminated rocker switch with three pins is a vital component in various applications that require power switches. Its light mechanism is an added advantage that makes it easy to locate and recognize the switch’s position. It’s imperative to select the right switch that corresponds to the device’s electrical requirements to avoid damaging the device or the switch. Overall, the switch’s durability, energy efficiency, and ease of use make it a popular choice in different applications.




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