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LED Tactile Switch

Illuminated tactile switches are an important component of electronic devices. These switches provide tactile feedback and also have a built-in LED that lights up when the switch is activated.


A 6x6mm LED tact switch is a small, versatile electronic component commonly used in a variety of consumer electronics and industrial applications. It combines the functionality of a tactile switch with the visual feedback provided by an integrated LED.

A 6x6mm tact switch with an integrated LED offers a compact and versatile solution for user interface and control applications in a wide range of electronic devices. Understanding its features, applications, and selection considerations is essential for choosing the right switch to meet the requirements of a specific design or project.

The 6mm*6mm illuminated LED DIP tact switch is widely used in electronic devices such as audio equipment, televisions, and remote controls. The switch is also used in medical equipment, automotive systems, and industrial control systems.

In conclusion, the 6mm*6mm illuminated LED DIP tact switch is a reliable and versatile component that is widely used in electronic devices. The switch is small, compact, and easy to install. The switch provides tactile feedback and has a built-in LED that lights up when the switch is activated. The switch is RoHS compliant and UL recognized, which ensures that it meets strict safety standards.

                                         Model                   TS8-0000W1
                                         Product Item                   Illuminated LED Tact Switch
                                         Switch Size                   6.0*6.0*7.0mm
                                         LED Options                   White/ Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/ bi-color
                                         Actuation Force                   250gf
                                         Function                   Momentary
                                         Terminal Style
                   Through Hole
                   T/T 100% in advance
                   15-20 workdays
                                         Shippment                   DHL/ FedEx /UPS




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