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Round On Off On Rocker Switch

A Round On-Off-On Rocker Switch 6PIN is an electrical switch that allows the user to turn a circuit on, off, or on in opposition to the original on state


A Round On-Off-On Rocker Switch 6PIN is an electrical switch that allows the user to turn a circuit on, off, or on in opposition to the original on state. The switch has six pins arranged in a circular pattern on the back of the switch that are used to clip onto the wiring harness. The design of the switch is round, and the front has the standard two rockers on either end, with the middle rocker being off.

The switch is typically used in electronic devices that require a switching function, such as lamps, radios, and televisions. The switch is also used in automotives, boats, and motorcycles. The Round On-Off-On Rocker Switch 6PIN can be used to control various systems, such as lighting circuits, ventilation systems, and wiper systems.

The three positions the switch offers are as follows:

1. On - this is the position where current flows freely through the circuit, and the device operates as it is intended.

2. Off - in this position, the switch is disconnected from the circuit, and no current can flow. This position releases the pressure on the circuit and maintains safety.

3. On in opposition to the original on state - this position is used when there is a need to reverse the polarity of the circuit, which is likely to cause the device to function differently.

The Round On-Off-On Rocker Switch 6PIN is a durable switch that is designed to withstand harsh environments. They are made of high-quality materials such as plastic, metal, and rubber, and can resist extreme temperatures, water, and dust. It is essential to note that the switch requires a voltage rating of 12V DC to operate correctly.

Overall, the Round On-Off-On Rocker Switch 6PIN is an essential component in any electrical system that requires switching functions. The switch provides users with a reliable way to control various systems on their devices, and they are easy to install and operate.




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