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A silicone tact switch is an electrical component that is commonly used in electronic devices to activate electronic circuits.


A silicone tact switch is an electrical component that is commonly used in electronic devices to activate electronic circuits. It is a type of push-button switch that uses a tactile response to provide feedback to the user. The switches are usually made of a silicone material and come in various shapes and sizes. They are also commonly used in medical equipment, instruments, and certain appliances.


Silicone tact switches are usually composed of two parts- the actuator and the contacts. The actuator is the part that the user pushes to activate the switch. It may be made of silicone, plastic, or metal. The contacts are usually made of metal, and they make contact when the switch is pressed.

The switches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, square, and rectangular. They may also have different heights and depths to suit different applications. The most common size for a silicone tact switch is 6x6mm.


When the user presses the switch, the actuator moves down, and the metal contacts inside the switch make a connection. This connection is what sends a signal to the electronic circuit to activate a function. The user can feel a tactile response in the form of a click or a snap to know that the switch has been activated.


One of the key benefits of silicone tact switches is that they are very durable. They can withstand millions of actuations, which makes them ideal for devices that are used frequently. They are also resistant to water, moisture, and other environmental factors, making them suitable for use in harsh conditions.

Silicone tact switches are also very versatile. They can be used in a wide range of electronic devices and can be customized to fit specific applications. They are also affordable, making them a cost-effective solution for many applications.

Silicone tact switches are an essential component of many electronic devices. They are reliable, durable, and affordable, making them a popular choice for designers and manufacturers of electronic equipment. With their versatility and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, silicone tact switches will remain a critical component of many electronic devices for years to come.

                                         Model                   TS60-60XX
                                         Product Item                   Tact Switch
                                         Switch Size                   6.0*6.0*mm
                                         Terminal no                   /
                                         Actuation Force                   250gf
                                         Function                   Momentary
                                         Terminal Style
                   T/T 100% in advance
                   15-20 workdays
                                         Shippment                   DHL/ FedEx /UPS



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Silicone tact switches are used in a wide range of electronic devices, including keyboards, remote controls, and game controllers. They are also used in medical equipment, such as ventilators and infusion pumps. The switches are also commonly used in control panels for instruments and certain appliances.


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