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AC Rocker Switch

AC Panel Mount Rocker Switch is a type of switch that is commonly used in applications that require the control and regulation of electrical circuits


AC Panel Mount Rocker Switch is a type of switch that is commonly used in applications that require the control and regulation of electrical circuits. It is specifically designed for use in AC circuits and comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs of various applications.

This switch has a sturdy construction and is designed for panel mount applications. It is made of high-quality materials that make it resistant to harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture and dust. It also has a rugged design that ensures it can withstand the rigors of mechanical stress, vibration, and impact.

Key Features of AC Panel Mount Rocker Switch

One of the key features of a AC Panel Mount Rocker Switch is its design, which allows it to be mounted on the front panel of a device enclosure. This feature makes it easy to operate and provides a neat, clean, and professional-looking installation.

Another important feature of this switch is its electrical rating. AC Panel Mount Rocker Switches are designed to handle a wide range of electrical currents and voltages, ensuring they can accommodate various AC circuits. The switch's contact rating is typically between 10 and 20 amps, and the voltage rating is often 250 VAC.

Furthermore, most AC Panel Mount Rocker Switches have an illumination feature that enables quick identification of the switch's position, even in low light conditions. The illuminated feature uses an LED, which emits a soft red or green light, depending on the switch's position.


AC Panel Mount Rocker Switches are commonly used in various applications that require the control and regulation of AC circuits. Some of these applications include:

1. Electrical appliances: These switches are used in electrical appliances, such as HVAC systems, refrigerators, and washing machines, among others. They function as on/off switches and are used to regulate the flow of electrical current.

2. Industrial machinery: AC Panel Mount Rocker Switches are widely used in industrial machinery, such as pumps, compressors, and conveyors. They provide a reliable method of controlling the electrical circuits of these machines.

3. Automotive applications: These switches are also used in automotive applications, such as in-dash control switches, power windows, and door locks. They are used to control various electrical systems in a vehicle.AC Panel Mount Rocker Switches are essential components in various electrical and electronics applications that require the regulation and control of AC circuits. Their sturdy construction, electrical rating, and illumination feature make them reliable and user-friendly, ensuring they are a popular choice for experienced and novice users alike.




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