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PCB Mount Rocker Switch

A PCB mount rocker switch is an electronic component used in circuit board assembly


A PCB mount rocker switch is an electronic component used in circuit board assembly. The switch is mounted directly onto the circuit board, allowing easy access and control over the functionality of a particular device. This switch is available in different sizes and shapes, with the most common being the rectangular rocker switch shape.

The PCB mount rocker switch is composed of a few different parts, including the actuator, the contacts, and the housing. The actuator is the part of the switch that is physically moved by the user, and it is typically in a rocker shape that allows for easy on/off operation. The contacts are the internal electrical components of the switch that make contact with each other to complete a circuit or disconnect a circuit when the switch is activated or deactivated. The housing protects the internal parts of the switch and holds it in place on the circuit board.

One of the most important features of the PCB mount rocker switch is its ability to easily toggle between on and off states. This feature makes it ideal for applications where a user needs easy access to the power switch, such as appliances or electronic devices. Additionally, these switches are highly durable and have a long lifespan, making them ideal for applications in harsh environments where they are subjected to extreme temperature conditions or high levels of wear and tear.

The PCB mount rocker switch is also highly customizable, with different options available for rating, illumination, and termination. The rating of a switch is determined by the amount of voltage and current it can handle, and there are different options available based on the requirements of your device. Illuminated switches have LED lights built into them that indicate the on/off status of the switch, and these are useful in low light situations. Termination options refer to how the switch is mounted onto the circuit board, and there are various options available depending on the needs of your specific application.

In conclusion, the PCB mount rocker switch is an essential component in electronic device design and manufacturing. Its reliability, durability, and ability to easily toggle between on and off states make it versatile and useful in a wide range of applications. Its customizable features including illumination and termination options make it adaptable to the specific needs of each device, making it a popular switch choice among electronic manufacturers.




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