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DC Power Jack Socket

DC power jacks, also known as DC power connectors or DC power sockets


A 2.0mm power jack socket is a type of connector used to provide power to electronic devices. It is commonly used in various applications such as electronic toys, audio equipment, and computer peripherals. The socket features a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 2.0mm and it comes with a central pin that is designed to fit perfectly into a corresponding socket.

The socket is typically constructed with lightweight materials such as plastic or metal, depending on the application. It also features a compact and easy-to-use design that makes it ideal for use in portable electronic devices. In addition to its small size, it is also efficient and reliable in providing power to the device it is connected to.

The 2.0mm power jack socket is easy to install and is designed for use with a DC power supply. It is fitted with wires that connect to the device it is meant to power, with a positive and negative wire to provide power to the device. The installation process is simple and straightforward, and no soldering is required.

                                         Model                   DC-016-2.0-PU
                                         Product Item                   DC Socket
                                         Rated Load                   DC 30V 0.5A
                                         Lifespan                   5,000 cycles
                                         Actuation Force                   3-20N
                                         Applications                   Digtal, portable devices computers, communication, security
                                         Center Pin
                   T/T 100% in advance
                   15-20 workdays
                                         Shippment                   DHL/ FedEx /UPS



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