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DPDT Momentary Rocker Switch

The DPDT RockerSwitch is a type of electrical switch that is commonly used in various applications


The DPDT momentary rocker switch is a type of switch commonly used in electronic devices and machines that require two separate circuits to be turned on and off simultaneously. DPDT stands for double pole, double throw, which means this switch can control two independent circuits or devices at the same time.

This switch has six terminals or pins, with two terminals for each pole and another two terminals for the common center contact. The two poles of the switch operate together, allowing the switch to control two different circuits simultaneously. The common center contact connects to the circuit that requires both switched to be on or off at the same time.

The DPDT momentary rocker switch has a spring-loaded design that centers the switch when released. This means that both poles and the common center contact are not connected to any circuit when the switch is not pressed. When the switch is pressed, the first pole or circuit is connected, followed by the second pole or circuit. The switch returns to its center position when released, breaking the connection to both poles.

The momentary action of the DPDT rocker switch means that it only switches on when pressed and held down, and then turns off when released. This type of switch is commonly used in devices or machines that require precise timing or intermittent operation, such as car window motors, winches, or conveyor belts. The momentary action ensures that the device or machine only operates for a specific duration, and then turns off automatically.

The DPDT momentary rocker switch comes in different shapes and sizes, with different colored actuators to indicate the switch’s function. The switch’s housing or body is usually made of plastic or metal, with different mounting options, including panel-mounted or surface-mounted designs. The switch’s electrical rating or capacity also varies, depending on the application or industry, with some switches capable of handling high voltages or currents.

In summary, the DPDT momentary rocker switch is a versatile and useful switch that can control two separate circuits or devices simultaneously, with a spring-loaded design that centers the switch when released. Its momentary action ensures precise and intermittent operation for applications that require it, making it an excellent choice for many electronic devices and machines.




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