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DPDT Rocker Switch

The DPDT RockerSwitch is a type of electrical switch that is commonly used in various applications


The DPDT RockerSwitch is a type of electrical switch that is commonly used in various applications. The switch is designed to have the ability to control the flow of electric power from a source to a load or a device. It is named rockerswitch because of its unique design that involves tilting a rocker back and forth to make a connection or break a connection.

The DPDT RockerSwitch is a double-pole double-throw switch that provides two sets of contacts that can control two separate circuits. It is ideal in applications that require the switching of two separate devices. The switch has two positions, which are the ON position and the OFF position. When the switch is in the OFF position, the circuit is open, and no current flows through the circuit. When the switch is in the ON position, the circuit is closed, and electricity flows from the source to the device.

One of the primary features of the DPDTRockerSwitch is its broad range of voltages and currents. The switch can handle voltage ratings from as low as 125VAC to as high as 250VAC. The current ratings of the switch range from 3A to 20A, making it suitable for various applications that require high current outputs.

The switch is designed with different actuator styles such as round, square, and rectangular actuator styles, making it easy for designers to select the best option for their applications. The different actuator styles also come in different colors such as red, black, green, and blue, providing flexibility in design and aesthetics.

The DPDT RockerSwitch has various applications in industries such as automotive, medical, and consumer electronics. In the automotive industry, it is used to control different components such as headlights, wipers, and air conditioning systems. In the medical industry, it is used in various medical devices such as patient monitoring systems, ventilators, and blood pressure monitors. In the consumer electronics industry, it is used in televisions, gaming consoles, and home automation systems.

In conclusion, the DPDT RockerSwitch is a versatile, reliable, and robust switch that is widely used in various industries. Its broad range of voltages and currents, different actuator styles, and colors provide flexibility in design and functionality. Its range of applications highlights its importance in the electronics industry.




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