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Electrical Rocker Switches

​The 21x15mm electrical rocker switch is typically constructed with a plastic housing and a metal or plastic actuator


The 21x15mm electrical rocker switch is typically constructed with a plastic housing and a metal or plastic actuator. The housing is designed to mount on a panel or surface, and it houses the switch contacts and terminals. The actuator is the part of the switch that operates the contacts, and it is designed to pivot from side to side to open or close the circuit.

The switch also has a spring-loaded mechanism that ensures a positive and reliable contact closure. When the switch is turned on or off, the mechanism holds the actuator in place until the user applies enough force to move it. This ensures that the switch remains in the desired position and does not accidentally toggle open or shut.

Types of Electrical Rocker Switches

The 21x15mm electrical rocker switch is available in a wide range of configurations, including single pole single throw (SPST), single pole double throw (SPDT), and double pole double throw (DPDT) variations. These switches also come in various combinations of on/off, momentary, and latching functions.

SPST switches are commonly used for simple applications where only one circuit needs to be controlled. SPDT switches, on the other hand, are used for more complex applications where two circuits need to be switched independently. DPDT switches are commonly used for applications where two circuits need to be switched simultaneously.

The electrical rocker switch also comes with various options for terminals and mounting styles, making it easier to integrate into different applications. Some of the most common mounting styles include snap-in, screw-in, and PCB mount styles.

The 21x15mm electrical rocker switch is a versatile and reliable switch that is commonly used in electronic equipment and appliances. Its unique design makes it easy to operate and integrate into different applications, and it is available in a range of configurations to suit different needs. These switches are widely used for single and dual circuit applications, and their compact size makes them ideal for use in tight spaces.




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